About The Lyme Disease Vaccine Study

Lyme disease is a common illness caused by a bacteria found in ticks. Bites from infected ticks can transfer the bacteria to humans and cause rashes, fever, and fatigue. If left untreated, Lyme disease can progress to cause severe, sometimes permanent symptoms. Currently, there are no approved vaccines available to prevent Lyme disease.

The VALOR research study is evaluating if an investigational (study) vaccine is safe and effective for preventing Lyme disease in people who have been exposed through tick bites.

Joining a clinical trial is an important and personal decision for you and your family. We hope it is one you will consider.

Who Can Participate

Healthy adults and children 5 years of age or older who live in or often visit outdoor areas that may expose them to ticks may be eligible to participate. Study participants cannot have been diagnosed with Lyme Disease within 3 months of enrollment.

Activities that may increase the risk of Lyme Disease include:

Live in or frequently visit areas where ticks that carry Lyme disease are found, such as wooded areas, tree lines, open fields, lakesides or riversides
Outdoor occupations such as landscaping, forestry, wildlife or parks management
Hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, or gardening
Owning a pet that has returned with ticks attached after being outside

Note: There are other requirements to participate in this study. A study team member will help determine if this study is a good fit for you.

What To Expect

You or your child will be randomly assigned to receive the study vaccine or a placebo (shot with no active ingredient). Neither you nor the study doctor will know which has been assigned.
This study will last about 30 months (2 and a half years). During this time, you or your child will have at least 7 in-clinic study visits, including 4-5 visits with blood draws. Additional blood samples may be needed if you or your child develop symptoms of Lyme disease.
Over the course of the study, participants will need to report any changes in their health to the study team.
The study vaccine and study-related procedures will be provided at no cost. You do not need health insurance to take part in this study.
Research studies are voluntary, and taking part in a research study is a personal choice. You or your child may leave the study at any time, for any reason.
Question 1 of 3
Please answer the question below based on who will be participating in the study.
Do you or your child (at least 5 years of age) live in an area where ticks are found and/or do you regularly participate in outdoor activities that put you at risk for tick bites?
Question 2 of 3
Please answer the question below based on who will be participating in the study.
Do you or your child have any medical conditions or receive medical treatments and/or medications that suppress the immune system?
Question 3 of 3
Please answer the question below based on who will be participating in the study.
Have you or your child been diagnosed with or treated for Lyme disease in the past 3 months?

So far - So good!

You appear to meet the basic requirements for this Lyme disease vaccine study. However, only the research study staff can fully determine if you qualify to enroll. Please enter your contact information and select "Find a Site" to see if there is a study site enrolling in your area.

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Thank you for your interest in this Lyme disease vaccine study and for answering our questions. Please consider entering your information below to be contacted about future clinical research opportunities. Contact your healthcare provider if you have any medical questions.

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